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Customer Number
If you have forgotten your password, please call our Internet Help Line on 132 032 or (679) 3217 800 from overseas

At Westpac we are dedicated to protecting our customer's money and personal information. Due to the recent increase in fraud scams targeting bank customers across Fiji, Westpac is closely monitoring all card transactions conducted overseas.

As such, we request customers travelling overseas and intending to use their Westpac Visa Debit /Credit Card or AMEX card, to please contact us on (679) 3313443 or 132 032 and provide the following details:

  •   Last 6 digits of the card/cards you will be using
  •   Passport number and expiry date
  •   Country/Countries you are travelling and the specific dates
  •   Contact details whilst you are overseas (preferably, phone number and email)